Salary Range of Apprenticeships in Birmingham

One major question an applicant usually asks is all about the pay. Apprentices also wonder about this. How much does an apprentice earn during his apprenticeships in Birmingham?

An apprentice earns by being a trainee in a company. He’s not yet formally employed, but is already working and being trained for various tasks.

Studies show that the salary range of apprenticeships in Birmingham are around £25,703, and it still varies according to the jobs the apprentices are involved in. It can go as low as £10,000 or as high as £32,000. Changes can take around 10% each month.

Apprentices receiving the lowest rates are said to be in the Education industry, while the higher ones are in utilities, manufacturing and engineering industries. Birmingham is said to have the same rates as other areas such as Manchester, Plymouth and Glasgow.

Of course the rates can still change; tables can still turn. After all, all apprenticeships in Birmingham prove to be effective in teaching an apprentice on how to perform in his chosen field.

Are you currently contemplating on being an apprentice but somehow limited by the salary range? Don’t, as being an apprentice opens doors for you, not necessarily on the company you’re currently in. Who knows, you might receive a low pay range on your current apprenticeship, but may actually receive higher rates as you proceed to your actual employment?

Aside from the salary, you’ll get something out of your apprenticeship things that money can’t buy. An apprenticeship will give you valuable experience you just won’t get anywhere else.

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